Metal-working production

Manufacturing of lathe products on highly accurate automatic lathes 11Т16А according to customer’s drawing. 

Maximum worked diameter 

16 мм.

Minimum worked diameter

0,5 мм.

Worked detail length


Worked diameter accuracy

h4 - 0,005 мм.

Worked detail length’s accuracy

h12 - 0,05 мм.

Worked openings’ accuracy

h6 - 0,005 мм.

Worked thread’s accuracy of the middle diameter

6g - 0,02 мм.

The values satisfy the requirements of ISO

286 - 1 - 88


Worked materials:

  • Titanium and its alloys
  • Stainless steel of the following marks: 12Х17;12Х18Н10Т;20Х13.
  • Tool steel: Х12М; ХВГ; 9ХС; У8; Р6М5; ст. 45; ст.3.
  • Brass, bronze, aluminium alloys


Lathe products from stainless steel according to customers’ drawings.

Special metal products for radio engineering, electronics, devices, chemical and food equipment.

Press forming, bending, stretching, riveting on the mechanic presses with force from 500 kg to 24 tons.  The thickness of steel is from 0,1 mm to 3,0 mm.

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